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At SMG Aerial we have over ten plus years of confined space UAV flying experience with a clean flight safety record. Our team has provided for inspection data for offshore oil rig inspections, for ports, refineries, and manufacturing facilities. Our creative view and knowledge of the field create solutions for our client’s needs. In addition, SMG provides robotic crawlers for confined spaces as well to get high-quality visuals in areas where a man can get into or is not safe for personnel. 

SMG Aerial has the technology and flight experience providing the oil and gas industry solutions for gathering information such as wall thickness measurements of elevated towers using drone technology. Our team has accumulated over 600 safe flight operating hours using drone technology in the oil and gas field at multiple refineries for flare stack inspections, storage tank roof inspections, and confined space flights using the Elios drone for weld inspections and visual confined space inspections with certified American Petroleum Inspectors(API). 

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Reduce Risk

By sending drones or robotics designed for confined space we can prevent your workforce from entering into hazardous and dangerous situations. Our drones have a cage and collision resilience, that allows us to capture every corner and inch of the most complex and confined assets, safely.

Accurate Data

We use cutting-edge robotics and drones to ensure that we provide flawless inspections. Due to the design and technology of our equipment, we can provide extremely accurate and insightful data. Features such as 3D modeling, 2D measurement, 4K Content,  Thermal, 10K lumen lighting.

Cut Costs

We save time and manpower by providing flawless inspections that require only our pilot. What may have been a lengthy inspection process can now provided extremely fast accurate and insightful data. Features such as 3D modeling, 2D measurement, 4K Content,  Thermal, 10K lumen lighting.

Confined Space Inspection



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